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          Wheat peeling machine

          - Mar 19, 2015 -



            1. Feed device:

            By charging door, feed portal, import gate, etc., used to store a certain amount of material door materials, relying on gravity falls milled white room and the gate to control the flow of imported materials.

            2. Broken shells devices:

            Mainly by the cover, roll, square box, meters knives, rice sieve and other components. Square box with two bolts on the base, the box with three sieve tray for supporting and regulating rice sieve, cover with a square box composed of broken shells milled white connecting device.

            3 .Transmission device:

            The left end of the spindle is equipped with a pulley, belt conveyors rely on power, driven rollers and fans.

            4. Discharge device:

            Material mouth, exit gate, sliding panels and other components from the chaff, and to export the shutter to control the rice mill's production capacity and meter accuracy level.

            5. Bran separation devices:

            By the fan, the separator, slip sieve and other components. Main completed meters, hull, valley mouth, small broken automatic separation.

            6. Base:

            By wallboard, rod, etc., play a supporting role.

            7. Chaff dust collection devices:

            By duct, dust composition, from the collection of chaff and dust effects. For reservations hull, as long as the dust to go outside to feed.

          Model  Voltage Power  Capacity  Weight Dimension
          GRT-330 380v 5.5-7.5kw 500-800kg/h 120kg 90*52*95cm

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