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          Automatic toilet roll paper packaging machine

          - Mar 19, 2015 -

          This machine uses the Japanese technology electrical components, learning from Japan advanced technology and rich experience, with domestic and international advanced level. The machine speed is over 5 times the traditional manual packing. Automatic feeding, realized unmanned assembly.

            One, the main configuration:

            Imported electrical components, 12 thick plate welding, stainless steel countertops, mechanical cutting prevention and photoelectric anti cutting function.

            Two, product characteristics:

            Adopted the programmable controller (PLC) control, reduced the mechanical contact, lowly system failure rate, stable and reliable operation;

            Frequency control. Change the packing speed only need rotate the potentiometer knob with the drive connected.

            Main cabinet with 12mm thick steel plate welded. High speed operation, does not shake, the box never deformed, the service life of the machine can reach ten years;

            The machine adopts gear chain type step less transmission. Rotate handle can change the length of packing bag.

            Digital display function; can display the bag length, packing speed, sealing temperature, yield etc.;

            Bidirectional optoelectronic tracking system, can guarantee the cutting film at the needed position, accurate cut-off point;

            Automatic positioning stop function, can ensure that the shutdown does not scald film.

            Installed leakage protection switch, can ensure that the human and machine safety

            Three, Mechanical data:

            Packaging capacity: 27packs per minute (according to the packaging film material, thickness and packaging specifications)

            Packaging specifications: 2/4/6/8/10 volume

            Operator: 9800mm x 2810mm x 1780mm size (length x width x height)

            The total power: 4.24kw

            Total weight: 1500kg

            Type : GRT-600

            Packaging capacity: 35packs per minute

            Single roll specifications: (90~130)* (90~130)mm (diameter * length)

            Packaging specifications: 2/4/6/8/10/12 volume

            Bag specifications: (600 ~ 875mm) * (180 ~ 250) mm (90 ~ 130) * mm (length * width * height)

            The packaging bag material: PE prefabricated bag

            Film thickness: 45μm

            Prefabricated bag stock: 2 bags stock, automatic switching, each bag is stored 400 prefabricated bag.

            Operator: 3000 * 1750 * 1900mm(length * width * height, not including the feeding line and the discharging section)

            The total power: 13.5kw, wherein the heating power of 0.7 Kw

            Power : 380V 50HZ

            Gas source: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa, the gas consumption: 30L/ minutes

            Total weight: 3000kg

            The noise of the machine: Less than 80dB

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