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          Microwave vacuum dryer

          - Dec 08, 2014 -

          type frequency (MHz) working power supply power (KW) size (L*W*H) (m)

          Box type 2450±50 380V,50Hz 30(Adjustable) 2.5*2.5*2.5

          Note: The parameters of material vacuum drying equipment should be used according to the instructions, the specific maybe different because of the customizing of the equipments.

          B. Product characteristics :

          1, Design for the paste material moisture content and low temperature drying;

          2 ,Transmission vertical rotation, paving area is large, the tray using basket type, the material for the PTFE;

          3 ,The vacuum degree is less than or equal to -0.09Mpa, automatic control;

          4, Machine adopts thickening of 304 stainless steel material, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, no dead angle of 360 DEG automatic cleaning;

          5, The core component of the microwave system is made of independent R & D and manufacturing or strictly in accordance with the standard custom Kaida.
          6, Using the drainage system, special rapid drainage, improved the efficiency ;
          7, Human interface. PLC automatic control, can realize the data storage, output, printing function.
          8, Microwave power free transfer. Process parameters set free. Can be set to a variety of process curve;

          9, Loading and unloading can be realized automatically, manually positioning and timing.

          10,Using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, high precision, simple control, video display, easy to control;

          11 ,The equipment conforms to the national GMP certification requirements specification microwave leakage value is less than or equal to 1mW/cm2 (the national standard is less than or equal to 5mW/cm2)

          C:The field of application:

          Paste material vacuum microwave drying equipment is suitable for the medicine pill, powder, vacuum drying and sterilizing tablets, especially for all kinds of paste materials.

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